Who is looking for military watches and clocks?

Military watches are precision pieces that are often used for military purposes or by the police forces for law enforcement. These watches have special features that are not found in regular, ordinary watches. A person who is looking for military watches or clocks is most certainly one that is after the ruggedness, durability, and the accuracy of these watches.

More often than not, those who are keen in buying military watches aside from those who are in service are collectors or sports enthusiasts. One should keep in mind that buying and collecting such watches especially the vintage ones could be straining most especially if you do not know what youíre looking for.

There are so many watches that are now available and these are all also patterned after their real counterparts in the military. For those after vintage watches here are a few tips on what to buy if actually looking to purchase one soon.

Some things to consider when purchasing vintage watches are taste and style, the amount one is willing to spend on a watch, and the amount of time one is ready to set aside for the repair or restoration of his vintage watch.

First is to consider your taste and style. There are watches that serve as chronographs or stop watches and there are watches that have moon phase indicators. There are jump hour watches too that some men find cool and most of the best jump hour watches are from the 1950ís.

Most of the vintage watches in auctions are up for really high prices. But for the avid collector, these prices may be of no concern at all. If joining an auction, be sure to set a ceiling for your bids. There must be a certain amount up to which you can accommodate certain purchases. It is important to take note that there are vintage military watches are still cheaper than some brand new ones. An example is a Zenith vintage watch that usually goes for a price that is more around $100 to $2000. A new watch of the same brand can cost up to $20000 depending on the model. If concerned about prices, American watches are still cheaper than the Swiss ones of course.

If buying vintage, inspect the condition of the watch carefully. Double-inspect the case and the dials, Check if you can still read the serial numbers. Check the movement of the hands too. These are important factors that affect the value of vintage watches.

The farther back the vintage watch goes, the simpler its movements are. There are variations in how one restores or cleans the vintage military watches. Be very carefully about handling them and about taking them apart for restorations or cleaning. These watches can easily be damaged since they are very delicate pieces already.

Before indulging into any kind of transactions involving vintage military watches, make sure you have done your homework and have made some research so that you are armed with something when you start the buying process.

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