Most popular features on the Swiss military watches

A Swiss military watch isnít only known for its toughness and durability, rather this timing device is also known for its style and good looks. This is the reason why this type of military watch is highly-sought after in the market by civilians, enthusiasts and the collectors. The traditional military watch that is available in stores is known for its toughness and the many roles it plays. This timing device is used by military men on the field as their time-keeper and this device serves other roles as well thru its tachymeter, the chronograph and a whole lot more.

A military watch is crafted to be truly tough and designed to be used on many terrains and conditions. Even if the watch is dropped, the user can still expect that the watch will remain scratch-free and still ready to be used. The Swiss military watch on the other hand is another breed of military watch as this device brings style and performance to the next level. What are referred to as the Swiss watches are often manufactured from stainless steel materials and these devices usually feature gilt parts that are often plated to at least 5-Ķm thickness. The cases of these timing devices are often fitted as well with the screw back and its presence makes the devices water-resistant. The movement of the Swiss military watch always receives the best attention.

Usually the movement used on this kind of watch is a Swiss-made quartz movement that is sourced from the known Swiss movement manufacturers like ETA, ISA and Ronda.  The mechanical watch is often fitted by ETA or the Valioux movement. The dial of this kind of watch isnít just the part that tells the time; rather this watch component is designed to be truly visible and stylish. Its dial will usually have safe Superluminova numbers and dots and these things ensure that the dial can be read well even at night. The wrist band that usually comes with a Swiss military watch is worth-looking at as well. The wrist band used is often crafted from stainless steel and this is often fitted with security clasps and can easily be shortened. The leather strap used is different from the wrist band, and this watch accessory is well-designed as well. The leather band that is added to the watch is of good quality and it is often crafted from refined and high quality leather. The leather strap is also crafted well and treated so that the watch can still be worn even under water.

The crown is another feature on a Swiss military watch that is worth checking. Some of the watches have screwed crowns for better water protection. The tachymeter, chronographs and other options may come complete with every Swiss watch, making these watches stand-out from the rest. This type of watch is also expected to be water-tight from 30 to 50 meter and the finish of this watch is the one that sets it apart from the rest. This type of watch often carries a good-looking finish making it a functional and a stylish device.

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