Military watches are rugged watches that were mostly worn and used by army men or police so they can accurately synchronize their moves with the rest of their troops. These special watches have several features that make them the watches of choice for many men who may be very active outdoors.

What are the things one should look for if he’s looking for military watches? Every man may need to know what to look for in order to get the best form and function combination that should come in a military watch package.

For extreme precision and accuracy, subdials or subsidiary dials often make up these watches. In some watches, there are three to four of these subdials. These give the watches the sporty and high-tech appeal that many men go for when shopping for their own watches.

These are actually not very new features since they have already been included in the earliest models produced in the 17th century. These subdials actually have functions, and they vary.
• Subdial with 60 counts the seconds that pass by
• Subdial with 30 gives the time that has elapsed in 30-minute intervals. One complete revolution on this subdial means 30 minutes have elapsed.
• Subdial with 12 measures 12-hour loops and are often used by law enforcers
• Subdial with 10 measures one-tenth of a second. One revolution means one second has elapsed. This subdial is particularly useful to sports events where split-second measurements are very important.
• Other subdials can indicate dual time zones, alarm, or phase of the moon. There are also subdials that have monthly or yearly date indicators.

Some watches have the ability to glow in the dark so that the wearer can still keep track of time in total darkness. Some can glow for 25 years through the Tritium paint technology that can glow even in very low-lit or dark areas.

Rugged military watches are very durable. These are usually made of titanium so that they can withstand the active outdoors. A very good military watch should have a case, body, and strap that are made of titanium.

One of the major features of a very good military watch is its resistance to water. The watch should be able to fully function even in a in harsh environment or during sever weather. The watch should be water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters or 328 feet for it to be considered a very good military watch.

The Swiss engineers are known for precision and that makes them the choice for manufacturing sophisticated watches such as the military watch. Swiss components are known worldwide and their brand ensures high quality.

Most of these watches are attractive because of their rugged and sporty look. The features are major extras and are nice additions to the watch, but the aesthetic side is of equal importance. A watch should be good for both indoor and outdoor use. Military watches are watches that are very durable and are also dependable for many years.

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