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Military watches are one of the most popular items sought after by collectors and casual watch buyers. Collectors usually go after vintage military watches, while most casual buyers just look for the recent models. Both old and new military watches offer the quality and workmanship that these timepieces are famous for.

Just like any other sought after item or accessory, military timepieces usually donít come cheap. Hardcore collectors spend serious money just to get their hands on vintage watches. Aside from durability, collectors also go for the historical value of the watches. The new watches do not come cheap either, since they are equipped with uses or features that are not present with the old watches.

The good thing is that military watches are widely available. Almost every reputable manufacturer of menís watches have their own set of military watches. Vintage pieces can be searched through private sellers, catalogs and even in online stores.

Of course, not all buyers have the money to buy the rare, expensive military timepieces. To those with money to spare, Swiss watches are way to go. The Swiss are known as one of, if not the top manufacturers of quality precision watches. The Swiss Watch Company has the widest range of designs and features. People with serious love for watches and an equally serious amount of money to spare can afford to plunk down big bucks for one the companyís most expensive and premier watches: the US Marines SE Gold. This beauty of a timepiece is made with a bidirectional hazel, 5-jewel movement and super accuracy.

Another famous Swiss brand is Wenger. They are the makers of watch 70795, an Air Force range watch with quartz chronograph function and Arabic figures. It typically comes in the $300 price range.

Those who canít afford the top-tier timepieces made by Swiss manufacturers can look for considerable inexpensive models from time-tested brands. Watches from Seiko are a great choice. Seiko is know for making quality but more affordable timepieces, a fact recognized by collectors around the world. Buyers can purchase Seikoís classic Navigator-style timepieces without spending a fortune.

There are a few things to consider when shopping for military watches. One, look for one of the most popular features of the watches: they have 3 symbols on their 24-hour dials.

These symbols represent the strength of the military on all the territories: land, air and sea. These symbols make these watches more desirable for the buyers.

Another aspect to look for is durability. People pay a lot of money for durability and craftsmanship. Military watches are made for tough environments.

Quality watches usually have chronographs. This is a critical factor when it comes to buying military timepieces. Other features to look for in modern military watches are built-in timers and long-lasting backlight.

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