What makes military time clocks tick?

While there are many clocks one can find in stores the most useful are military time clocks. We all know that the military uses the 24-hour time as a standard for timekeeping. These clocks follow this and that makes them great gifts to give to military families or to people who may have served in the army.

Military time is based on the 24-hour system. This is a widely used system worldwide but there are only a few Americans who use this aside from the military since the system can be a bit confusing to some. The system runs from midnight to midnight using the hours numbered 0 to 23.

Civilians use the 12-hour clock system where the same time notation is used twice a day with the use of designations like AM or PM. 1 to 12 are numbers used to tell time but this system can create some confusion that the military cannot afford to have. If you agree to meet a friend at 8:30 but you failed to specify AM or PM, then she might get confused on whether to meet you in the morning or at night. With the military system of time, this is not possible since 8:30 AM is 08:30 while 8:30 PM is 20:30.

Military time starts at 0000 hours, which is midnight, and from there the hours increase by 100. 1:00PM for civilians is 1300 hours in the military. If there is a mission that will begin at 1345 hours that mission begins at 1:45PM. 1345 hours is read as thirteen hundred forty five hours.

The military time clocks follow the local time zone where the clock is installed. This is with consideration of the daylight savings time if it is required in that area. There are adjustments if events are to be synchronized between locations. Say if one base is in California, there will be adjustments in time if there they are to coordinate with another base in Florida. Military time often refers to the local time zone, so a California time for example is 1345 hours but its equivalent in the east coast is 1645 hours.

The exception to this rule is applied in international time keeping since there are various time zones to consider. The military usually uses the Greenwich Mean Time or GMT when they are coordinating with other bases across different time zones.

The military clocks are great timekeeping devices since they provide accurate time measurement, which is very crucial in military operations and law enforcement. Precision is key to any successful military procedure and the military time clocks are necessary to execute the events very accurately.

The civilian time system won’t be as useful to the military because the instructions in terms of time should be very specific. Note that that even how the time is read is crucial as well and each digit is specifically mentioned when time is given. In military time clocks, zero is often read as “oh” unless the time that is being specified is 0000 hour or zero hour.

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