Defining The Benrus Military Watch

Military watches are a league above the other types of watches out there. The reasons lie in the durability and the toughness these watches deliver to the users and the collectors. Watches like these are known for their durability, its accuracy and its varying styles that can suit any discerning tastes and preferences. These watches can be thought of as an extension of the many arms and equipment of the military man.

Although the other arms and equipment of the military man are used more aggressively, these pieces that are worn by these men in uniform are used intelligently. They are used to time all operations and used to position troops with all accuracy and precision. Watches that are used in military operations are numerous, and all these brands have their own stories to tell. There is one brand that can lay to the claim that it served the military with distinction. That device is the Benrus military watch.

The Benrus military watch is a precision timer and a utilitarian piece of equipment coming from Benrus.  This company is a known watch maker and was very active in the watch market in the 1920s and the 1930s. The watches of the company are sold for the civilians, but most of its efforts have been focused on the needs of the military sector; this was especially true during the WWII years. This was the time of great growth for the company as Benrus was tasked to produce items that can be used by the military. The watch company maintained top secret government assignments and the company produced timing devices that can be used in bombs and other weapon applications.

The production of the watches from this brand extended until the post-war. In fact the watches made by Benrus after the war evoke beautiful and dazzling images that carried the spirit of the post civilian war. Two famous Benrus watches were the ‘Embraceable’ and the ‘Citation’. The ‘Embraceable’ was slipped like a bracelet and the ‘Citation’ was named after a famous racehorse during that time. The Benrus military watches came in different types as well.

One good type of the Benrus military watch was the Benrus Type I Class A dive watch. This specific watch was used by the members of the UDT-Seal Green Berets and the Special Forces during the latter part of the Vietnam War. This watch was known as the ultimate in military dive watches. This Type I watch from Benrus was a Class A model meaning that this belongs to the top class of military watches. The appearance of the watch’ dial and some of its designs are borrowed from Rolex and the watch did away with any writings and logos thus making the watch more legible. The reliability of the Benrus military watch Type- A Class- A has led to the development of other types of watches. Examples of these watches include the Type II Class A and the Type II Class B. The latter type is different since it featured the 12/24 hour dial; this was also used by the members of the Armed Forces who didn’t participate in special operations.

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