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  • Collecting Vintage Military Watches
    For someone who is just intrigued by military watches, or for a new collector, the new-but-old collectible military watches are a great first piece. Many of the well refurbished vintage military watches are purchased by sellers or resellers
  • Defining The Benrus Military Watch
    Watches that are used in military operations are numerous, and all these brands have their own stories to tell. There is one brand that can lay to the claim that it served the military with distinction. That device is the Benrus military watch
  • Military Watch Manufacturers
    Among the military watch manufacturers include Swiss, Hamilton, Citizen, Luminox, Zenith, and many more. They have their own bits of historical tales explaining how their masterpieces were born and their specifications that make their crafts truly interesting and worth an aficionado’s attention.
  • The Appeal of the Swiss Military Watch
  • Grading Vintage Military Watch Pointers
    The best thing to do is to conduct a pertinent amount of research. You can start your search by going online. Look for the style, design, and the price range among others that suit your taste. Also, consider the idea of its maintenance which can always become quite crucial since they are vintage military watches and handling them requires proper care.
  • Military Time Explained
    Military time is based on the 24-hour system. This is a widely used system worldwide but there are only a few Americans who use this aside from the military since the system can be a bit confusing to some. The system runs from midnight to midnight using the hours numbered 0 to 23.
  • The Popularity Of Military Watches
    What’s interesting is that collecting these watches was once considered a “poor man’s hobby.” Before, discarded military timepieces were bought for those who want low-cost but well-made watches. Now, judging from the prices of the watches made by big-name manufacturers like Omega and Rolex, collecting military timepieces cannot be considered a poor man’s hobby anymore.
  • What Military Watch Is For You?
    If budget is a bit of an issue and you’re looking for a military timepiece that is priced considerably lower than the Swiss watches, you may try looking at brands like Seiko. Seiko is a quality manufacturer of different types of timepieces, military watches included, that are durable and stylish without costing a fortune.
  • New Military Watch Time Features
    One of the major features of a very good military watch is its resistance to water. The watch should be able to fully function even in a in harsh environment or during sever weather. The watch should be water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters or 328 feet for it to be considered a very good military watch.
  • Something For Everyone
    Another aspect to look for is durability. People pay a lot of money for durability and craftsmanship. Military watches are made for tough environments.
  • A Glance at the British Military Watches
    There are many other types of British military watches that are available for both the wearer and the collector. You simply have to look at the genuine quality to ensure that your purchase it worth it.
  • Vintage Military Watch Features
    The more advanced watches feature other devices like the unit conversion slide rule, chronographs, the anti-reflective crystals and the non-radioactive luminescence. The chronographs are popular additions on vintage military watches.
  • Vintage Hamilton Military Watches
    For over a century, Hamilton is a trusted name in the world of vintage military watch manufacturing. Its rise to fame and action can be dated back to 1874...
  • Top reasons to buy military clocks
    If you are the type of person who collects images and products that are related to military service and related to the men and women in uniform, then a military clock is one product that can meet your needs and desires.
  • Looking for vintage military watches?
    Before indulging into any kind of transactions involving vintage military watches, make sure you have done your homework and have made some research so that you are armed with something when you start the buying process.
  • Most popular features on the Swiss military watches
    A Swiss military watch isn’t only known for its toughness and durability, rather this timing device is also known for its style and good looks. This is the reason why this type of military watch is highly-sought after in the market by civilians, enthusiasts and the collectors.
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  • Vintage Military Watches
    Fantastic selection of vintage military watches. There are many styles to choose from, including hamilton, omega and elgin.
  •  Elgin Military Watches
  •  Hamilton Military Watches
  •  Jaeger Le Coultre Watches
  •  Laco Pilot Watches
  •  Longines Military Watches
  •  Omega Watches
  •  U Boat Military Watches
  • New Swiss Military Watches
    Astounding collection of Swiss military watches. These watches are made with the latest technology; you will find their durability and precision to be top quality.
  •  Breitling Watch
    Breitling pilot watches are one of the best in the world. They are a Swiss military watch designed for pilots with the best technology available.
  •  Graham Watches
    Select from many Graham military watches! These are Swiss made watches that use English traditions.
  •  IWC Watches
    Fantastic selection of IWC military watches! These military watches are durable and reliable.
  •  Movado Watches
    Great selection of both mens and womens movado military watches!
  •  Traser Watches
    Great selection of Traser watches. They are a swiss made watch and are the priginal tritium mil-spec watch.
  • European Military Watches
    Astounding collection of new European military watches! Find a wide selection of your favorite brands such as Panerai and Suunto.
  • US Military Watches
    Fantastic selection of American military watches. You will find many styles of the popular luminox watches as well as the 5.11 tactical watches.
  • Russian Watches
    Russian military watches including the Invicta and Slava watches.
  • Military Clocks
    Choose from our selection of new and vintage military clocks. There are clocks from the Army, Navy, Marines and more!

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